A Review of THE WELCOMING from 10-year-old Wakes Wilner

Issue Seven: The Welcoming
Wakes Wilner
June 28, 2023
Wakes Wilner

Wakes Willner is 10 years old and entering 5th grade. He enjoys playing piano,  skateboarding, and playing The Legend of Zelda.  Wakes also likes camping and spending time in the wilderness and is is also interested in helping to prevent climate change.

The Welcoming is a very poetic and deep show about life and death, living and dying, and enjoying the little time we have here. The welcoming didn’t really feel like a show and more like a fun and interactive experience where you could try delicious drinks and foods, listen to beautiful, poetic songs, and so much more!

At one point everything in the room became haunted, Erika (another performer and also my mom) kept pushing a lemon away from her, and yet it kept flying back across the table! The show also had many tiny little details such as: Rowena (one of the performers) digging a grave (an unreal one of course)  and I noticed that she started finding small pieces of glass also!

The whole apartment was decorated and from the moment I stepped in, I knew that the house would be completely full of artistic decoration. And I’m not joking when I say it was full of stuff,The attention to detail was crazy!

There’s a big difference between sitting in a theater and watching a play, and going to someones house and being immersed in that play! And by that I mean that you could just have a conversation with any of the performers at almost any time!

After all, the welcoming was a very poetic show that really dove deep into talking about elders, living and dying, and it made you think very deeply and in a way, it blew your mind.

Intro Image by Jenna Tessler

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