Our Mission

We imagine that arts criticism can: 


Lead with respect for the artists


Embrace the subjectivity inherent in engaging with any piece of art: meet shows where they are at, acknowledge who they are for, and critique from that acknowledgment


Offer multiple perspectives

We hope to foster this critical paradigm by: 


Curating a minimum of three views on each show


Hiring and paying contributors of diverse backgrounds—meaning genre and aesthetic preferences, race, spirituality, gender, ability, sexuality, culture, age, and nationality


Rotating contributors monthly so that one voice is never dominating the critical conversation

We believe the 3Views criticism formula will help: 


Create respectful, symbiotic relationships between critics and artists


Change how we measure value and success in the theater


Amplify voices of the global majority who are redefining what theater is and how we make it

The 3Views Formula


A traditional review that leans into your specific subjectivity. We are not interested in thumbs-up, thumbs-down criticism, labels, or extensive plot summaries. Whether you loved a show, hated it, or fell asleep, walk the audience through your experience and how you felt about it.

Inside Views

A point of view on the play informed by a conversation curated by you with a member of the production’s artistic team.


A personal response to the play offered in any form of expression that feels inherent and innate to you. This could be a poem, a photo essay, a painting or sketch, a song, or another type of audio offering, as long as you are able to maintain a critical perspective.

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