What is a View?

3Views takes a different approach to criticism. Every production we cover in a traditional issue has three different "views" into the production, helping readers like you understand the show from unique, culturally-sensitive, and artist-driven perspectives. Here's our formula.

The 3Views Formula


A traditional review that leans into your specific subjectivity. We are not interested in thumbs-up, thumbs-down criticism, labels, or extensive plot summaries. Whether you loved a show, hated it, or fell asleep, walk the audience through your experience and how you felt about it.

Inside Views

A point of view on the play informed by a conversation curated by you with a member of the production’s artistic team.


A personal response to the play offered in any form of expression that feels inherent and innate to you. This could be a poem, a photo essay, a painting or sketch, a song, or another type of audio offering, as long as you are able to maintain a critical perspective.

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