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We aim to be a place where the harsh lines between artists and critics blur, in order to produce strong opinion pieces as offerings to the American theater. If this sounds like something you can get behind, then you are in the right place! The form below is meant to:


Give you a better sense of the kind of freelance/contributor-generated content we publish


Explain the best way for you to pitch that content to us


Get your beautiful work published on 3Views

The first piece of advice we can give you is to check out what already exists on the site. Our reflections differ from our inside views, which differ from our purviews, which differ from our 3-in-1s, which differ from editor missives, and on and on! Let's break each one down:


A traditional review that leans into your specific subjectivity. We are not interested in thumbs-up, thumbs-down criticism, labels, or extensive plot summaries. Whether you loved a show, hated it, or fell asleep, walk the audience through your experience and how you felt about it.

Inside Views

A point of view on the play informed by a conversation curated by you with a member of the production’s artistic team.


A personal response to the play offered in any form of expression that feels inherent and innate to you. This could be a poem, a photo essay, a painting or sketch, a song, or another type of audio offering, as long as you are able to maintain a critical perspective.


You and two other individuals with unique, distinct perspectives gather to see a show. You all respond as a collective (via a conversation) or as individuals (via separate submitted pieces). For 3-in-1 pitches, please share the show you are interested in working on and the names of 2 other individuals you would invite.

Or anything else you can think of that involves multiplicity of views!

Bottom line: We want sexy, strong, personally-informed, contextually-minded opinions about art. Be a nerd. Say what you think.

This is a paid opportunity. Payment ranges based on word count.

If you are a playwright or producer looking to get coverage for a show we wanna hear from you, but please (please!) email 3viewstheater@gmail.com, rather than using this form. If you are a writer who does not have an idea right now, but would like to be added to our potential contributor list, please fill out this contact form.

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