March 27, 2024

Issue Seven: Teeth

‍Teeth the musical was exactly as much fun as you’d expect when you invite Michael R. Jackson and Anna K. Jacobs to apply their arsenal of talents to the horror comedy. Teen leader of the evangelical Promise Keeper Girls Dawn O’Keefe (a nuanced and powerful Alyse Alan Louis) is a paragon of purity in a community of young Christians with sexualities so suppressed that a visit to the gynecologist is sacrilege.
Whenever I see Michael R. Jackson on a showbill, I buzz with anticipation knowing that my internal freak flag is about to be engaged as an access point to delve into human questions. And that flag is not only freaky because it’s sexy, but also because it explores the parts of humanity that aren’t always welcomed in spaces of various dominating cultures.
Anna K. Jacobs and Michael R. Jackson’s new musical Teeth, now at Playwrights Horizons, is an adaptation of the 2007 cult classic film of the same name (written, produced, and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein). Both tell the story of Dawn O’Keefe (Alyse Alan Louis at Playwrights), who has taken a purity vow along with her fellow youth group members, cheekily named Promise Keeper Girls (PKGs) in the adaptation.

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