November 10, 2023

Issue Two: Snatch Adams and Tainty McCracken Present It's That Time of the Month

"Coming off a week surrounded by trans, non-binary, and two-spirit folk as a playwright at the 2023 Breaking The Binary Theatre Festival, I began to feel a specific kinship to my non-binary existence and more so even to the idea of trans-ness. It felt faithful to my body to call it trans."
An intimate, critical response to Becca Blackwell’s Snatch Adams and Tainty McCracken Present It’s That Time of the Month in the form of a poem.
"As a transmasculine, physically Disabled playwright, I have long been acutely aware of how gender—and our performance and perception of it—is a spectacle. But when I walked into Soho Rep the evening of Wednesday, November 1st, I found myself amid a spectacle of gender: literally."

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