Welcome to Keene, NH

Strawdog Theatre Company
March 16, 2020 – March 31, 2020

What it means to be a human being in this particular place and in this particular time... While being hounded by the local alt-right/anti-government activists, a Mexican-American Parking Officer narrates the daily lives of the residents of Keene, NH, a small town in the southwest corner of the state. She introduces us to the Korean owner of the only Chinese restaurant in town, the local attorney and tennis coach with a dark past, and the musician who needs to be seen for who they truly are and not the daughter their mother insists they will always be. Welcome to Keene, NH is a three-act play telling the fictional story of the evolution of life and the encroachment of guns, heroin, and the alt-right on a real American small town.

Meet the Team
Brian James Polak | Writer
Leda Hoffmann
| Director

Kylie Anderson | Heather
Elise Marie Davis | Candice
North Rory Homeward | Kevin
Marssie Mencott | Mrs Cunningham
James Munson | Mr Cunningham
Bianca Phipps | Parking Officer
Michael Reyes* | James
Jackie Seijo | Milo
Anne Sheridan Smith | Sophie
Cary Shoda | Leon 
Jamie Vann* | Officer Beauregard 
David Zev Weiner | Louie 
Arlene Arnone | U/S Mrs Cunningham 
Kelly Levander | U/S Sophie/Candice 
Ilirida Memedovski | U/S Heather 
Neil O'callaghan | U/S James/Officer Beauregard 
Christopher Ratliff | U/S Kevin/Louie 
Kelsey Elyse Rodriguez | U/S Parking Officer 
Izzy Salhani | U/S Milo 
Thomas Tong | U/S Leon

Heath Hays | Scenic Design 
Sally Dolembo | Costume Design
Claire Chrzan* | Lighting Design
Daniel Etti-Williams | Sound Design
Shannon Rourke | Stage Manager
Julia Atkin | Assistant Director
Sam Hubbard* | Fight Director 
Jacinda Ratcliffe | Movement Director 
Patrick Budde | Music Consultant 
Benjamin Carne | Master Electrician 
Paul Cook* | Production Manager
Karissa Murrell Myers* | Casting Director

Photos courtesy of the team.

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