Four Women Talking About the Man Under the Sheet

Salt Lake Acting Company
First Day of Previews on March 12, 2020

On the morning of February 21, 1895, the day after the great man died, Susan B. Anthony shows up on his widow’s doorstep. She is there to grieve — but is she also feeling guilty? Four Women Talking About the Man Under The Sheet is an exploration of feminism and race, asking “What compromises should you make in pursuit of a cause?”

Meet the Team
Elaine Jarvik | Writer
Jason Bowcutt
| Director

Colleen Baum* | Susan
Susanna Florence* | Helen
Tamara Howell
| Mrs. Stanton
Yolanda Stange*
| Rosetta
Latoya Cameron*
| Zoe

Justin Ivie | Scenic Design **
Spencer Potter | Costume Design **
Cade Beck | Lighting Design
Emily Chung | Sound Design
Katelyn Limber*
| Stage Manager
Martine Kei Green-Rogers | Dramaturg

Photo Credit: McKenna Frandsen Photography

** See the gallery for design images and renderings.

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