Syracuse Stage
March 11, 2020 – March 13, 2020

Antonio Salieri has pledged his life to God in exchange for success as a composer. Yet the music that most captures God’s voice comes not from Salieri, but from the prodigy Mozart. Could jealousy have driven Salieri to murder this “obscene child” who is unworthy of the musical genius he possesses? On the eve of his own death, Salieri reveals his final composition: “The Death of Mozart – or, Did I Do It?”  Well, did he or didn’t he? An enticing and enjoyable theatrical experience enhanced by a variety of musical events in partnership with Symphoria.

Meet the Team
Peter Shaffer | Writer
Robert Hupp
| Director

Jason O’connell | Antono Salieri
Damon Robert Williams | Salieri’s Cook, Ensemble
Kevin Morrison
| Salieri’s Valet, Ensemble
Blake Segal
| Venticello 1
Jeff Gonzalez
| Venticello 2
Kayla Amani
| Ensemble
Michael Sloan
| Livery 
Hayden Kerzie
| Livery
Avery Glymph
| Emperor Joseph Ii
Bill Christ
| Count Johann Kilian Von Strack
J.D. Webster
| Baron Gottfried Van Swieten
Ames Adamson
| Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg
Isaiah Carmichael Harden Brooks
| Priest, Ensemble
Michael Breese Barbour
| Kapellmeister Bonno
Sara Anne Barbour
| Teresa Salieri, Ensemble
Caroline Portner
| Katherina Cavalieri, Ensemble
Lisa Helmi Johanson
| Constanze Weber
Mickey Rowe
| Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Thomas Montgomery
| Major-Domo, Ensemble

Misha Kachman | Scenic Design **
Tracy Dorman | Costume Design **
Dawn Chiang | Lighting Design
Victoria Deiorio | Sound Design
Robert Pickens
| Hair & Wig Design
Alec Barbour
| Intimacy Coach And Fight Director
Laura Jane Collins | Stage Manager

Photo Credit: Mike Davis

**See the gallery for design images and renderings.

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