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Editor's Note: Introducing Guest Curators!

February 20, 2024

3Views is all about multiplicity. As editors, we’ve long wanted to bring in others to curate the shows we cover, rather than deciding amongst ourselves. We are excited to finally be at a place where we can make this happen. (First, we had to figure out how to fly this ship!) From now until June, and hopefully beyond the summer, you’ll see guest curators bring in writers they’ve chosen to reflect on shows they are curious about. They are in conversation with the reviewers, editing their pieces, and choosing how they are framed.

As with everything we do, this is an experiment. We’ll be refining as we go, learning in the open. You, the reader, are a part of this. Let us know what you think. If you have a show you think we should cover, a writer or curator you’d like us to know about, any feedback on what we’ve published, etc. We have big crushes on well-thought-out and passionate opinions.


The 3Views team (Brittani, Sarah Rose, Rachel, Emily, Maddie)

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