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This play was not at all what I expected. I had read the little blurb provided by NAATCO [National Asian American Theatre Company], but then it got so much weirder than the one sentence pitch, which I always love.

When you enter the Stage 42 theater in New York, you might be forgiven for thinking that you’ve entered a castle-themed escape room or an extension of the Medieval Times across the river in New Jersey.

Before I was twenty years old, with my feet in the stirrups of a gynecologist’s examination chair for the first time, I had never heard the word vaginismus before. Have you?

We — Emily Chakerian and Maddie Rostami, staff members here at 3Views — arrived at the Schoenfeld Theater for The Notebook with few expectations. In what felt like a fluke, neither of us had seen or read the original movie or book. Neither, it seemed, had the woman seated to our immediate right. Nearly as soon as we sat down, she struck up a conversation — she didn’t know the story and was mostly here to see heartthrob John Cardoza (Younger Noah).

Award-winning writer Lucy Prebble’s play The Effect tells the story of Connie (Taylor Russell) and Tristan (Paapa Essiedu), two people participating in a pharmaceutical trial for anti-depressants who fall in love (but do they though?). It’s also the story of the doctors (played by Michele Austin and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith) who attempt to maintain the integrity of the trial.

Jen Silverman saw "I Love You So Much I Could Die" and felt called to write a response. Her essay prompted more responses, which we now present in the form of a modified 3-in-1 that speaks to the power of disrupting form in the American Realism Machine.

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