February 17, 2024

Issue Five: The Sensational Sea Mink-ettes

Author Brent Weeks wrote, “What we see is not determined solely by what’s in the world. But also by what’s in us. [Because] the lenses are as important as the light.” In this case, the lens through which I witnessed Woolly Mammoths’ world premiere of Vivian J.O. Barnes’ play The Sensational Sea Mink-ettes is a lens of a Black, queer, cis-gender male body who is a choreographer.
An HBCU dance team dreams of creating a standout half-time performance at homecoming — but the dread gets in the way. That element of disturbance in The Sensational Sea Mink-ettes surprised me. The new play, written by Vivian J.O. Barnes and directed by Taylor Reynolds, began its run this month at D.C.’s Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company.
It’s 11 February 2024 — Super Bowl Sunday — and I’m on the 32 bus headed to Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company to see The Sensational Sea Mink-ettes by Vivian J.O. Barnes. The bus driver just asked a man to exit the bus because he urinated on himself. Something about the volatility of public transportation and pissing just gets me in the mood for theater — you know? I do not know much about this play, but I do know that it follows eight majorettes as they prepare for homecoming.

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