Back to Back 15 Hour Workdays are Considered Illegal in Most Industries, But Not EVENTS

Issue Three: Events
Tura Oliveira
December 16, 2022
Tura Oliveira

Tura Oliveira is an interdisciplinary artist and performer. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and a current MFA candidate at Yale. She has had solo exhibitions at BRIC, Wave Hill, Vox Populi, and Soho20. In 2022, she had two solo exhibitions in Manhattan, at Geary Contemporary and La Mama Galleria. She has received awards and residencies from MAD, AIR Gallery, Yaddo, BRIC, the Tides Institute, and Ars Nova. She was a 2019 Van Lier Fellow at Wave Hill and a 2020 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow. In 2023, she will be the Abbey Awards Fellow at the British School at Rome. Oliveira's work is rooted in the sensual materiality and inescapable politics of cloth, and is influenced by Latin American leftist art, the legacy of queer craft, and science fiction.

As an artist and a former employee of a company that “did events”, Events is both triggering and cathartic, a magic trick that unveils the gnashing teeth of a job that will happily swallow you alive. I used a technique called a contact mono-print to create an image of a paranoid employee, stripped of all markers of self, and at the mercy of a carnivorous boss. The central figure in the mono-print is reaching at an itch they can’t scratch, hungering fruitlessly for a massive strawberry flecked with a suspicious powder (a detail from a monologue in the show). The recurring image of the egg (both in the poem and the print) is drawn directly from the play, and I hope to convey the bodily and psychological paranoia that Events deals out so deftly. At the periphery of the event lurks grief. The office has no room for grieving a lost loved one, or for the daily grief that accompanies the knowledge that you could spend you one precious and beautiful life at the office.

boilerplate, open plan office,

open casket funeral for a divine genius in a blue velvet blazer

funerals are events and events are waste management

disappearances often happen at the peripheries of the event

business casual gala season

resort casual fundraising gala

our busy season turn, turn, turn

this job could be your life,

it could be a fleeting ticker tape parade for

your brief and wonderful time on earth spent at the office

gestate the egg of revolution, hatch it beneath your office chair,

your boss’s, boss’s swivel office chair

incubate the egg of resentment under your business casual acrylic sweater

grief turns the yolks gray-green in the pot

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